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With possibly the most well informed esoteric teacher in South Africa
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Ivan Kaplan is probably the most well-informed esoteric teacher in South Africa. Ivan has an extensive knowledge of Tantra, Kabbalah, Jung, Pychosynthesis, NLP, Cogmotics, Yoga, Astrology, Interpersonal Development, the I Ching, Tarot, Alchemy and Buddhism.

He has practiced yoga and meditation three to four hours daily for the past 30 years. He regularly incorporates new disciplines into his spiritual routine thereby deepening his understanding of the techniques involved.

"Hey it is great to be my SELF"

* Experience the Aura and open the third eye.

Your growth will take on a powerfully holistic direction.

Ivan has taught meditation to over 5000 people in this country and abroad. This work is based on extensive scientific research. From 1972  to 1976 Ivan studied the brainwave phenomena of some thirty types of meditation with an EEG machine.  lvan is able to teach a wide range of meditation techniques ranging from Hindu and Buddhistic through to Hebrew and Western traditions.

Ivan's transpersonal work embraces a wide range of approaches which include Pschosynthesis, NLP, Jungian, Astrology, and Parapsychology. He has studied several of these disciplines for the past three decades and is a Master Practitioner in NLP.
In his work, different approaches are combined to work synergetically. This flexible format is consciously engaged to work together to converge on the outcome chosen by the clients.

Clients include psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and other members of the caring professions. Ivan has conducted at least 600 group courses.

His approach in this work is unconventional. in that he avoids the traditional threatening confrontational techniques, which have become so synonymous with interpersonal (group) growth.

By discovering the convergence and synergy (the one amplifies the other) between the following topics, your emotional, mental and spiritual growth, will be enhanced:

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Courses of  Workshops Available

 Topics Included on Courses

1. Burmese Zen Dynamic Light and Sound


2. Kabbalah. Biblical Decoding

 Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Growth

3. Integral Yoga and Meditation

 Stress Management

4. Timeline NLP and Meditation

 Kundalini Yoga and Tantra

5. Astrology NLP and Meditation


6. Alchemy

 C.G. Jung and Archetypes 

7. Kriya Yoga

 Healing and Self-healing

8. Ruach Hakodesh


9. Advanced NLP and Psychosynthesis

 Buddhist Meditation

10. Retreats

Communication and Relationships

11. Kundalini Yoga  
12. Life Coach  

13. Facilitatorís Training Course


Private Consultations and Workshops

 Counselling and Guidance

Private courses on any of the above workshops


NLP and Psychosynthesis


Stress Management and Healing

 I Ching

Crystal Healing

 Psychic and Clairvoyance

CJ Jung


Regression and Past Lives



Tuition offered on any of the above: Astrology, Tarot, I Ching and more.

Consult Ivan privately. Or attend a Free introductory talk.   

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